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Hello boys and girls, my name is G4MED and this is my first article.  I am a competitive Hearthstone player and a coach playing for team Fantastic Esports. I am currently sitting at top 500 on EU and been grinding the ladder about 5 hours a day each day from the time season started to this present day. I am really consistent on the ladder and so are my teammates so we decided to give you a top 3 decks to hit legend in July 2018. We kept all of our data in the past  1 week, and have been developing the lists, techs and the possible meta tier right now. Since this is the end of our beloved expansion I don’t recommend crafting any of this decks for your collection, but most of those T1 decks will probably be playable in the new expansion too. I will provide you the lists and the possible techs for the current meta and matchups. The data used is provided by us and HSREPLAY.NET.

So let’s get started.

Knocking it off on the highest possible tier 1 spot is EVEN SHAMAN.

So Even shaman is a midrange deck that is based on the card Genn the Greymane, which says that if your deck contains only EVEN cost cards your hero power cost will become 1. Deck’s main win condition is just swarming your board early on and when it comes to mid-late game the cards like Al’Akir, Lich King, and Fire Elemental can be pretty useful when it comes to closing the game and putting those few last points to your opponent’s face. So why is this deck T1? The deck is T1 because of its availability to put so much pressure early on that your opponent cannot keep up with it. If you have on turn 6 7 minions on the board and your opponent doesn’t have a way to clear your board. That is GG. Let’s talk about it’s bad and good matchups. The deck’s overall win rate is 58.00% from rank 20-LEGEND, and in our ranks about 53% which is still solid considering we faced a lot of even warlocks and quite a few warriors. Best matchup for this deck is Hunter. Egg hunters are farmable with this deck. Egg hunter and recruit hunter got some decent play percent because meta shaped out to be controls and they loved that. But when it comes to midrange decks, they don’t stand a chance. The award for the lowest win rate matchup goes to EVEN WARLOCK. Yeah, we had some serious trouble with it. Problem with even warlock is that even tho they don’t have that much clears you are playing midrange deck. Your board gets cleared up 1-2 times and you will have some serious trouble getting it back to some decent state. My suggestion if you want to win that matchup, be fast and keep spellbreaker in your hand on mulligan phase. You will get those early points of damage in, but he drops you hooked reaver, boy you are donzo without that silence.

DECK CODE:                                                                                                                              AAECAaoIBiDzwgLCzgL27AKn7gLN9AIMvQHTAf4F2QfwB7EIkcECrMICm8sClugClO8CsPACAA==

Moving on, is the ODD PALADIN still holding that Tier 1 spot.


Now for the Odd paladin list, we tried quite a lot of them and we didn’t find anything really consistent until we came around this:

Now this list Arcanis used to get top 100 on EU, we tried about 30-40 games with it and we came to solid 64% (avg is 60%) win rate. Odd paladin is based on a mechanic called ODD. The mechanic itself is based on a card Baku, the Mooneater, which says that if your deck contains only Odd cost cards your hero power will upgrade. Odd paladin is an aggro deck. Which means that the games are fast, the deck is cheap and it is not at all hard to play. It is kinda hard to master but still, I feel that this deck performed really well and that until the end of expansion will perform really well. The deck is based on creating a big board of small minions in early game and cheaping your opponent in early game and in mid game finishing your opponent with cards like Leeroy and Level up. Basic curve with this deck is t1 1 drop, t2 hero power, t3 1 drop plus hero power, t4 2 1 drops +hero power or 3 drop + 1 drop, by that time if your opponent hasn’t cleared your board you play on t5 level up and wrap the game up. The best matchup for this deck is rogue with IMPRESSIVE 80% WIN RATE! Why is that G4MED? Well, my dear friend, it is because rogues cannot deal with big boards. They just can’t. You just swarm your board and destroy them. The worst matchup is of course Warrior. Why? Because with his one million taunt you cannot push those early points of damage and in mid game with cards like Brawl, Blood razor and Warpath he just closes you like nothing.


DECK CODE:                                                                                                                                                                                                        AAECAZ8FBK8EpwWbwgKe+AINRvUF+QrrwgKDxwK4xwLjywKVzgL70wLR4QLW5QK15gL96gIA==

Moving on is our beloved ZOO WARLOCK still in that Tier 1 spot.

Zoo is the deck that has been performing for me really well, I like it a lot and will probably be pushing with it until the end of the season.

It is definitely my go to list if you want to climb efficiently and fast.

So this is the list blanky cooked up. It is pretty standard and I have seen some high legend players on ASIA using the same list, with maybe 1-2 techs different. Zoo warlock is a tempo deck. You are really dependant on your board to put those points into your opponents face to win. You do have the burst like Soulfire and Doomguard, but those cards aren’t enough to win you the game. Shudderwock shaman, for instance, is pretty popular deck right now especially in higher ranks and they do have heal. So your Doomgaurd needs to technically hit him 3 times to match that Healing rain. Not nearly enough. Build your board early on with card like Flame Imp and Vodoo Doctors + Happy ghouls. Keleseth buff is really huge. By the turn 4-5, you should have a board big to get him to 10-15 hp. Then the cards like Doomguard, Soulfire and Lifedrinker come really handy. So let’s continue to matchups.  Overall win rate for me in top 1k-500 was 67.7% with this list. Best matchup for you is a Shudderwock shaman with 70% win rate. Why? Shudderwock shaman is really good deck against control decks. Against tempo/aggro? Nope, not even close. Even if he clears your board on t3-4 you can still refill it pretty easily. This matchup isn’t the easiest to play through because you have to play around early removals like Lightning Storms and in mid game around Volcanoes. But you can trick your opponent into Lightning storming on t4 so you can just go crazy on turn 5 with your minions because next turn for him is dead and then in 1-2 turns he will be dead. Worst matchup? Even warlock. Why? Zoo warlock is tempo deck, not midrange. Tempo. That means that you don’t have one big minion to play on curve every turn. You have a lot of low cost minions and cards like Vodoo Doctor + Happy ghoul that swing the board heavily in your favor. Sure, but most of those minions have 3 or less hp… so if you go too wide, one Hellfire is going to destroy you and I am not even speaking of early Doomsayers, Vulgar Homonculues and Defiles.

DECK CODE:                                                                                                                                                  AAECAf0GBPIFtgec4gL96gINMIQB9wTOB8II9wyXwQKbywKfzgLy0ALR4QKH6ALv8QIA==

So guys and gals this is it, those are the 3 decks to hit legend in July 2018. I will put every code below. Thank you for your time and I hope this will help you achieve the rank you desire. Tell me in the comments below which list you like the most and which list worked the best for you this season.

EVEN SHAMAN:                                                                                            AAECAaoIBiDzwgLCzgL27AKn7gLN9AIMvQHTAf4F2QfwB7EIkcECrMICm8sClugClO8CsPACAA==

ODD PALADIN:                                                                                              AAECAZ8FBK8EpwWbwgKe+AINRvUF+QrrwgKDxwK4xwLjywKVzgL70wLR4QLW5QK15gL96gIA==

ZOO WARLOCK:                                                                                                                                                                AAECAf0GBPIFtgec4gL96gINMIQB9wTOB8II9wyXwQKbywKfzgLy0ALR4QKH6ALv8QIA==

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