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The last period has been truly amazing for our team. We’ve received so much love and support from all of you. Your love and affection are simply pushing us to go forward and boosts our confidence as well as our results.

We hope to justify all this positive energy around us with more great results in the future. We can assure you we’ll do our best.

As the number of followers on our social media pages has been growing so fast; we couldn’t be more proud of both us and all of you who have recognized our passion and devotion towards the game and the gaming world in general! We are well aware of how precious your support is and that’s why we want to say thank you.

We want to express our appreciation for your continuous support and love with our League Of Legends World Championship giveaway, where you can win some truly great prizes. Among them: the incredible, comfy Kings Throne Gaming Chair, Aleksander Gaming Mouse, a true dream of every devoted gamer, and a Gaming Mouse Pad Sky Walker, that gives you all you could ever need in a gaming pad! Let us spoil you with the generous help of our amazing White Shark Partners. You know you’ve deserved it.

White Shark is a brilliant new name on the gaming scene.  Young, ambitious and well aware of the gamers needs. Their equipment speaks for itself. The quality and the innovation are what makes White Shark an ideal partner and an ideal choice when it comes to having the best gaming equipment possible.  Follow them on social media and see it for yourself! A truly refreshing and ambitious brand that will provide you with all the necessary equipment for your long gaming hours.

Follow all the necessary steps,  our social media channels, complete the entries on time; and win one of the prizes to make your upcoming gaming days even more exciting! The giveaway will be active till November 3rd!

Try your luck, you know you want it!

Win with Fantastic Esports & White Shark Gaming