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Xbox Live Gold Membership Benefits For True Gamers

POSTED BY fantastic January 6, 2018

Xbox Live Gold is for all Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners. If you are looking to play some games online against your friends or with them, then you must subscribe to the Xbox Live Gold. But anyone who is not looking for online action may just use Xbox as an offline device and still enjoy the game in offline mode.

With Xbox Live Gold You Will Get Many Benefits

Xbox Live Gold Membership

By being a member you can get huge discounts on the games every week, discounts go up to 75%, and if you are buying lots of games, then the subscribing for the Xbox Live Gold may be a good idea which will save you money over the long term.

You can play online versus other players. Xbox live Gold uses particular matchmaking engine, and you will find yourself in the game with the players of similar skills. Also if you have your group with which you play games, you can easily move with them from game to game and enjoy all the games. Also twice per month, you will get free games to play.

Subscribing to Xbox Live Gold

Subscribing to Xbox Live Gold


If you decided to subscribe then you should go to Microsoft Xbox Live Gold website and follow the instructions. If for some reason you want to subscribe through Xbox or at the retail shop you can do that by buying subscription card.

Membership cost may change, but at the moment these are the plans:

1 Month: 9.99 dollars

 Xbox Live Gold 1 Month

3 Months: 24,99 dollars

 Xbox Live Gold 3 Months

1 Year: 59,99 dollars

 Xbox Live Gold 1 Year

If you just want to test things, you can get a monthly subscription, but if you are a hardcore gamer that buys lots of games per year and plays almost every day online, then you need to get the annual plan. If you go with a yearly plan, then you pay only half the price for the whole year.

Do you want to subscribe? Is it Worth It?

First, you need to answer these two questions to make sure you don’t buy something you don’t need.  If you enjoy offline games and never intend to play online then you don’t need Xbox Live Gold, you can enjoy free Xbox content. And in fact, even if you don’t subscribe to the Xbox Live Gold you can still access the internet and watch Netflix, Twitch, Crackle and other videos and media apps on your Xbox. Xbox Live Gold also offers Live TV, news and sports channels like NFL, NBA, ESPN, WWE and many others. As you see, even if you don’t have Xbox Live Gold you can get lots of fun on your Xbox, and with the Xbox Live Gold subscription, the fun just gets multiplied.

And let’s face it, who plays games offline?

Real gamers always look for the multiplayer action either as coop or versus each other. If you love first person shooter games then without a doubt you need to have multiplayer, and you should get Xbox Live Gold, after all, it is not expensive, and in the long term, it may even save you money when buying new games.

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